6 Clematis Nelly Moser Problems – How to Fix

Although clematis plants are easy to care for and grow quickly, there are a number of issues that can trouble beginners. Several problems occur frequently with clematis nelly moser plants; They are:

  • Not Blooming
  • Bark Cracking
  • Abnormal Growth
  • Verticillium Wilting
  • Leaves Browning
  • Pests and Diseases

If you are a clematis Nelly moser lover and are worried about its problems, then today’s article is for you. Here I will discuss all possible solutions for clematis plant problems.  So why the delay?

6 Clematis Nelly Moser Problems- Causes and Treatment

1. Not Blooming

A mature clematis nelly moser plant blooms in late summer and early spring. If your plant does not flower after maturity then there is definitely a care deficiency. And you have to find out where the problem is.


  • Improper Watering
  • Lack of Nutrients
  • Wrong Pruning

Fixing Guide

Young clematis nelly moser plants prefer regular watering. Deep watering twice a week after maturity is enough. However, the amount of water should be increased during the flowering season.

Water should be applied only when the soil is dry. However, care must be taken that water does not accumulate at the base of the tree.

Since nelly moser plants bloom in spring and summer, pruning that time can cause petals shedding. A little pruning at the end of the flowering season once a year is enough.

Fertilizer requirements are different for growing time and flowering time. A good quality nelly moser special Flower Boosting Fertilizer should be used for flower growth. If you don’t want to use artificial fertilizers, you can mix human or pet urine with Epsom salts and use it in the soil. 

2. Bark Cracking

A very serious problem with clematis plants is bark cracking. Most of the time the branches of the tree are intact but the bark is split or bruised. These wounds become infected with fungus or bacteria and the condition becomes more complicated.


  • Location
  • Repotting

Fixing Guide

Your clematis plant should not be placed against a wall or too close to a solid structure.  Rubbing on the uneven surface of the wall causes lesions on the bark of the tree.

Mix half a teaspoon of potassium permanganate powder in 500 ml of water and spray on the wound once a day until it heals.

A good quality anti-fungal should be applied as soon as a fungal infection is noticed. If you don’t have an antifungal spray handy, mix one teaspoon of baking soda and three to four teaspoons of vinegar in a cup of water and apply twice daily.

If the plant needs to be repotted, first make sure that the new tub is bigger than the previous one. Care should also be taken not to damage the roots or branches of the tree while transplanting.

3. Abnormal Growth

It is normal for a clematis nelly moser plant to grow 2-2.5 feet a year. But it may happen that even after taking care that your plant is not growing normally, the shape is getting odd and the beauty is getting lost.

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  • Poor Soil
  • Lack of Nutrients
  • Excess Heat

Fixing Guide

Fertile, well-drained, and neutral soil is preferred by clematis plants. Soil pH should be between 6.5-7. Adding large amounts of organic material during soil preparation increases the drainage capacity of the soil. Do not use soil that is always wet.

Clematis plants prefer slightly cooler weather. Day temperature 20-23°C and night temperature 16-18°C is best. This temperature can be easily maintained with the help of a temperature controller machine.

A good quality magnesium and phosphorus rich fertilizer can be effective. NPK(10-10-10) fertilizer will ensure normal plant growth.

4. Verticillium Wilting

Wilting is another fatal problem of clematis plants. It usually occurs more during the blooming season. Due to this, the normal growth of the plant is inhibited, the infection from one branch to another can lead to the death of the plant and the plant fails to bear flowers.


  • Fungal Attack
  • Over Watering
  • Excess Moisture

Fixing Guide

Usually, once wilting begins on a plant, it is a difficult task to fix it. First of all, you need to pay attention to the affected part. If it is at all fragile then it should be removed quickly. Then apply a good quality fungicide.

The amount of water applied to the trees should be reduced during the rainy season. The plant should not be placed in a place where the amount of moisture in the air is too high.

If your plant is indoors, use a humidifier to control humidity. Landscape plants can be wiped with a thin cloth.

Applying large amounts of organic compost and mulch to the trees protects the trees from various fungal attacks.

5. Leaves Browning

Browning leaves on clematis plants is a common problem. First, a brown border appears at the tip of the leaf. Later it may spread to the whole leaf. Sometimes the symptoms also appear as brown spots and the leaves may become pitted.


  • Watering Issues
  • Lack of Sunlight 
  • Poor soil conditions
  • Damage from insects 

Fixing Guide

Clematis leaves turn brown due to both over and under-watering. For this, water should be applied as needed. I would suggest you use rain water. If you use tap water, you can filter it and apply it.

Clematis moser bright full sunlight. So 6-8 hours of sunlight exposure should be ensured. If your tree is in the landscape, it should be planted in a location that receives morning sun. If the room does not have such facilities, you can use an artificial lighting system.

A lot of organic materials should be added to the soil to improve its quality. I use organic materials as well as earthworms in the garden soil. They aerate the soil and increase oxygen circulation.

6. Pests and Diseases

Insects and fungi cause the most damage to Clematis moss plants. Pests include aphids, whiteflies, and spider mites. Plants are attacked by various diseases, new leaves are damaged, and plant growth is stunted.


  • Water Issue
  • Weather

Fixing Guide

Regular watering of the plant and provision of excess water drainage is a must. In this case, make five to six small holes in your pot to drain the water.

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The plant should not be placed in a place that is too humid. If the plant sweats, wipe it repeatedly with a cloth and relocate the plant as soon as possible.

Insecticides should be applied quickly if the tree is infested with insects. In that case it is safer to use a good quality organic pesticide.

How to take care of Nelly Moser

The most important thing is sunlight. You should ensure at least six hours of full sun per day for the plant. But in the afternoon it is harmful to plants.

Watering the plant regularly and using good quality soil to retain that water is essential.  Deep watering will ensure the normal growth of your plants.

Plants require several nutrients during the growing season. So you can use fertilizer separately. Organic fertilizers rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium are best.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When Should I Prune My Nelly Moser Clematis?

Clematis plants should be pruned before they grow new leaves. That is why pruning of the unnecessary parts of the tree at the end of winter or the beginning of spring is effective.  However, unnecessary pruning should be avoided and pruning equipment should always be kept clean.

How Tall Does Clematis Nelly Moser Grow?

Nelly Moser has a spread of 1.5-2.5 feet and is between 5 and 10 feet tall. When planting in beds, leave at least 17 to 25 inches between plants for the greatest results.

How Long Does Nelly Moser Flower For?

Clematis plants typically produce light purple star-shaped flowers from late spring to early summer. But sometimes flowers bloom in late summer. Flowering time varies with weather conditions.

The Final Word

If you have read the entire article, you must have a better understanding of the common problems with clematis plants by now. You’ve learned how common problems left untreated can be fatal to your plants.

Therefore, as soon as any problem of the clematis nelly moser plant appears, necessary measures should be taken. It should be remembered that the longer the delay in taking action, the greater the chance of damage to the tree.

I hope my session today will be effective in fixing any problems with your clematis nelly moser plants. Happy gardening.

Rimon Chowdhury

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