Rimon Chowdhury


Gardener & Author

Gardening is one of the most ancient and rewarding of human pursuits. It is also one of the most popular, with over a third of households in the United States engaging in some form of gardening. Whether it’s a few potted plants on the windowsill or a sprawling vegetable patch, there’s something incredibly satisfying about nurturing a plant and watching it grow.

Of course, gardening isn’t always easy. Anyone who’s ever tried to keep a houseplant alive for more than a few weeks can attest to that. But with some knowledge and patience, even the most black-thumbed among us can learn to create and maintain a beautiful garden.

That’s where “greenygardner.com” comes in, run by me, Rimon Chowdhury. I’m a gardening enthusiast with a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture from the University of Rajshahi. My passion for gardening began at a young age, and I’ve honed my skills for over 15 years.

My extensive knowledge and experience in gardening make me an expert in the field. I’m well-versed in all aspects of gardening, from planting and watering to pest control and crop rotation. I’m also passionate about sustainable gardening practices and enjoy sharing my knowledge with others.

I also interact with similar-minded people on Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, and GardenStew.